Dog Sitting

I offer a Dog Sitting service and I can come to your house to look after your four legged friend/s.  The Pros and Cons of your dog being in a home environment far outweigh your dog/s being left on a concrete caged floor with the occasional run in a pen.

Your dog/s would never be left alone and would come out with me  on my morning or afternoon outing. Plus a fixed fee of £10.00 for drop off and pick up if required.

The price for a 24 hour stay in your home with two dogs plus any other animals would be £90.00. This will include two walks and you have the benefit of your house being looked after whilst you are away.

If you have any unusual requirements I am happy to discuss them with you.

unusual pets

A typical day in a kennel for a medium dog is £22.00 per day but your dog would be caged all day except for three runs out in a pen alone and no interaction with the other dogs in the kennels.